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DuraMax_englisch 15 The stylus tip The stylus tip can be a sphere, disc, cylinder or a derivation thereof such as a hemisphere or cylinder with a spherical end, etc. The most often used stylus tip is the stylus sphere. The shape accuracy of the stylus sphere is the deviation from the ideal spherical shape and is generally quoted as the Grade. ZEISS uses Grade 5 styli as standard and for special requirements, such as with extremely accurate roundness tests, Grade 3 spheres are used. The most common ball materials are shown below, together with their main application areas and limitations. Material Application area DK in mm Ruby Standard for virtually all applications. Inadequacies with certain materials in combination with continuous scanning (wear or material build-up possible). 0,12 - 12 Silicon nitride Use in the same way as ruby, but possibly less material build-up when scanning aluminum. 1 - 12 Ceramic (aluminum oxide) Is used with large ball diameters and disc styli and for scanning rough surfaces, e.g. castings. Weight-optimized hemispheres are possible. 8 - 45 Tungsten carbide Makes special sizes of ball diameters possible, e.g. when measuring gear teeth. Can be made-to-measure. Very high weight. 2 - 30 Steel Used mainly for disc styli. Is considerably softer than tungsten carbide but is available in larger diameters. 30 – 100 Diamond Hardest material in the world, virtually no wear and no material build-up when scanning. 1 / 2 / 3 Diamond- coated Hardest material in the world as a diamond coating coated, virtually no wear and no material build-up when scanning. 2,1 / 5 Customized styli We manufacture your stylus on request You will find prepared forms in our webshop at You can also send us a fax on +49 7361 6336 29 or an email to Please indicate the following in your inquiry: Adapter: M2 / M3 / M3 XXT / M5 Stylus tip: sphere / disc / cylinder DK / B Stylus material: ruby / Silicon nitride / diamond / tungsten carbide / ceramic / steel Shaft: straight / stepped DS / DSE / L / ML / MLE Shaft material: tungsten carbide / ThermoFit® / ceramic You can also send us a fax on +497361633629 or an email to