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© Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH36 Tools Screw set for cone receivers M3 XXT This spare parts set consists of six M1,2 Torx screws for fixing the conical connection of rotary connecting elements. Item no. Description 626119-0001-041 Set of replacement screws for cone receiver, DG5, M3XXT Micro torque screwdriver for conical connections This 0.05 Nm TX1 micro torque screwdriver is especially suitable for our rotary M3 XXT connecting elements. The blade is exchangeable and available in the practical set. Item no. Description 626109-0054-000 Micro torque screwdriver 0,05Nm, TX1 626109-0055-000 Replacement blade TX1 for micro-torque-screwdriver 626109-0058-000 Set of replacement blades TX1 for micro-torque-screwdriver, 5pcs. Torx screwdrivers for conical connections M3 XXT This set consists of five T1 Torx screwdrivers. They are especially suitable for the rotary M3 XXT connecting elements. Item no. 626109-0059-000 Set of torx screwdriver T1, angled, 5 pieces Pin wrench ZEISS standard A pin wrench is used for the assembly and disassembly of styli. It can be used on both ends. Item no. Description 000000-0015-323 pin wrench, 1,1 Hex wrenches This hexagon wrench is used to tighten cylinder-head screws with a hexagon socket. Item no. Description 602030-0042-000 Hex wrench DIN 911, BSW 0,9 602030-0002-000 Hex wrench DIN 911, BSW 1,5 000000-0015-245 Hex wrench DIN 911, BSW 2 602030-0021-000 Hex wrench DIN 911, BSW 2,5 000000-0015-247 Hex wrench DIN 911, BSW 3 000000-0015-248 Hex wrench DIN 911, BSW 4