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DuraMax_englisch 37 Tools XXT stylus assembly pliers Styli, screws and extensions can be easily mounted in the XXT system with these specially made stylus assembly pliers. High tightening torques are transmitted via two integral steel pins. Item no. Description 626109-0056-000 XXT styli assembly pliers 626109-0057-000 Set XXT styli assembly pliers XXT-styli assembling aid The XXT-styli assembling aid is used to hold a stylus extension while mounting a stylus with a pin wrench or a hook wrench. The assembling aid is being hold laterally to the stylus extension. Item no. Description 626109-0026-000 XXT-styli assembling aid Set up device VAST XXT Set up device for star styli M3 XXT. With this device, star styli can be adjusted in 30° steps, before they are attached to your CMM. With the adapter steps of 15° can be adjusted. Item no. Description 626109-9140-000 Set up device VAST XXT 626109-9140-010 Adapter 15° VAST XXT