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DuraMax_englisch 41 Artifact DuraMax-Check DuraMax-Check is a procedure for checking DuraMax® coordinate measuring machines with tactile sensors in accordance with standards. The calibrated artifact developed expressly for the DuraMax CMM is supplied with the associated evaluation software. DuraMax-Check can be used to check a DuraMax coordinate measuring machine compliant to DIN EN ISO 10360-2, 10360-4 and VDI/VDE 2617 Sheet 6.1 with respect to the following: • Probing error of the probing system • Scanning error of the probing system • Length measuring error The errors are checked by tactile sensing. The base of the nickel-plated test item is a rigid base plate on which high-precision, calibrated material measures are mounted: • A special ring gauge with a diameter of 30 mm • A precision ceramic sphere with a diameter of 25 mm • Two parallel gauge blocks, 50 mm and 300 mm long The magnetic fastenings of the parallel gauge blocks and adjusting ring make it possible to set up and dismantle the artifact in just a few simple steps. Special tools for mounting the sphere are included in the scope of supply. All accessories are neatly stowed away in a case for optimal storage and protection.Artifact calibrationDAkkS calibration or, optionally, ZEISS factory calibration of all gauge blocks: • Ring gauge • Precision sphere • Two parallel gauge blocks Item no. Description 626106-9320-000 DuraMax-Check 000000-2032-470 DAkkS calibration DuraMax-Check 626001-0130-022 Software DuraMax-Check for SW CALYPSO A machine-dedicated control and evaluation software is available for coordinate measuring machines operated under CALYPSO® . It features: • CNC run of measurements • Evaluation compliant to standards • Additional analysis of the measurement results based on monitoring factors • Statistical processing of measurement results