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© Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH42 Accessories for DuraMax® Cleaning material Cleanliness is essential for precision measurements. The workpiece must be cleaned before the measurement in order to obtain optimum measuring results. Our cleaning material has been tested by users in practice and is recommended for all ZEISS measuring machines. Item no. Description 000000-1359-469 Microfiber cleaning tissue 626119-0010-006 Polyamide-strec-glove with PU coated palm (size XL).2 pair 000000-0424-218 Cleaning cloths Absorbond TX409,9“ x9“ (300 pcs.) Loading table for DuraMax® The manual loading table for DuraMax® with Shop floor base enables ergonomic loading with heavy parts, since the table can be extended to the front. Collisions with the CMM can be avoided for crane loading. The loading device has an aluminium profile construction and is equipped with a telescopic extension and an electro-hydraulically operated lifting mechanism for system pallets 500 x 500 mm. The loading table can only be used in combination with an original ZEISS changeover interface set 500 x 500. The maximum load carrying capacity is 50 kg and requires installation by our service personnel. Item no. Description 626109-9221-000 Loading table DuraMax ShopFloor Cover plate DuraMax® This corrosion-resistant cover plate can be attached directly to your DuraMax® . Thus your measuring table is protected and you can mount the pallet system respectively the interface system on it. Item no. Description 626109-9210-010 Cover plate for DuraMax table