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DuraMax_englisch 45 Pallet systems 500 x 500 Changeover interface set, M10, 500 x 500 The practical changeover interface set consists of a workpiece pallet (either with or without M6 grid holes, 50 x 50 mm), a base mounting plate and two insertion aids which can be mounted on the coordinate measuring machine. The base mounting plate and insertion aids are available for CMMs with M10 fastening holes. The pallet and base mounting plate are prepared for the installation of an interface for the connection of a temperature sensor integrated in the device. Item no. Description 626109-9220-620 Changeover interface set M10 raster 500x500 626109-9220-650 Changeover interface set M10 basic 500x500 Workpiece pallet 500 x 500 The 500 x 500 mm aluminum workpiece pallet comes with two carrying handles. It is designed for the installation of a temperature transmission interface. Two versions are available: With M6 threaded holes in a 50 x 50 mm grid and without holes (basis). Item no. Description 626109-9220-520 Workpiece pallet 500x500 Raster 626109-9220-550 Workpiece pallet 500x500 Basis Base mounting plate for 500 x 500 The aluminum base mounting plate with fastening holes M10 (DuraMax) is mounted on the table of the coordinate measuring machine. It is prepared for the installation of the temperature transmission interface. Fixturing material and the respective insertion aids are supplied. Item no. Description 626109-9220-510 Base mounting plate M12 for pallet 500x500 Contact unit on the pallet side The contact unit is installed in Workpiece pallet 500 x 500 and is used for transmitting the temperature sensor signals to the contact unit on the CMM side. The sensor can be directly con- nected via clamping contacts. Item no. Description 626140-9122-500 Temperature interface TSP-50 pallet contact unit Contact unit on the CMM side This unit is installed in the base mounting plate 500 x 500 (626109-9220-510), incl. cable (3m) with SUB-D socket for connection to CMMs. Item no. Description 626140-9121-500 TSM-50 contact unit f. temperature sensor, cmm side