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DuraMax_englisch 47 Pallet systems 200 x 300 Interchangeable pallet set 300 x 200 All the initial equipment you need is provided in the practical interchangeable pallet set. It consists of a base mounting plate and an interchangeable grid pallet. A pallet with a vice or a pallet with a three jaw chuck is included depending on the set. Item no. Description 626109-9220-130 Interchangeable pallet with bench vice 626109-9220-140 Interchangeable pallet with three jaw chuck Base mounting plate The base mounting plate is mounted directly in the measuring range of your coordinate measuring machine. The appropriate interchangeable pallets can be quickly and easily mounted by hand on the statically defined support with three rollers and with repeated accuracy. Item no. Description 626109-9220-010 Support plate Interchangeable grid pallet 300 x 200 This 300 x 200 mm grid pallet with changer system has a 25 mm M6 hole line spacing. As a result, user-defined workpiece holding fixtures with bracket clamping systems or other elements can be assembled. You will find suitable clamping material in our clamping kit. Item no. Description 626109-9220-020 Grid plate M6x25 Interchangeable vice pallet 300 x 200 This 300 x 200 mm interchangeable pallet has a mounted vice with a jaw width of 73 mm and a maximum span width of 100 mm. The vice is mounted on the pallet with brackets and can be moved on the plate. Item no. Description 626109-9220-030 Bench vice interface Interchangeable three jaw chuck pallet 300 x 200 This 300 x 200 mm interchangeable pallet has a mounted 125 mm three jaw chuck. A practical ratchet wrench for manipulating the chuck is also supplied. Item no. Description 626109-9220-040 Jaw chuck interface