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DuraMax_englisch 5 Precision from component to component A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This also applies to your stylus system: A single component with too much play or too much weight can have a severe impact on the quality of your measuring results. The measuring uncertainty also increases with each additional component. As with many other things in life, the following maxim also applies here: quality not quantity. Assemble your stylus system from the smallest number of elements possible and place your trust in the precision of each individual component. This is reflected in all of our innovative components – from the ZEISS adapter plates and our rotary joints to the smallest ZEISS stylus. Put measuring uncertainty in its place! With our M3 rotary joints that have been especially developed for the VAST® XXT probe head. They enable you to create new options for the assembly of your stylus systems because the components have a high stiffness combined with a low-profile construction which makes their measurement points even easier to access. It is very simple to set them to the desired angle with the zero-play conical connection. This enables you to save valuable time. Three sturdy M1.2 threaded pins with Torx interfaces provide high clamping forces and enable secure assembly – and not just once. The rotary joints can be adjusted and still hold their styli securely even after repeated assembly and disassembly of the stylus system. Do you want to use your stylus system for series measurements in the production environment? No problem. If desired, we fix the alignment of the rotary joints with laser welding. As a result, rotary joints do not unexpectedly detach during operation and the alignment remains stable when styli are changed. And so you have taken another step forward in your quest for precision. Adapter plates Original ZEISS adapter plates are also available with a fixed-mounted extension and 4-sided star cube. This saves weight and reduces the number of components which have to be mounted and aligned.