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DuraMax_englisch 55 Fit for the production environment Two components make DuraMax Shop floor even less susceptible and more compact with measuring results even more precise: a base for the measuring machine and a function for temperature compensation. The latter measures the workpiece temperature via sensors. The CALYPSO measuring software subsequently offsets this against the measuring results and thereby considers the linear expansion coefficients of the workpiece. Users therefore obtain an even more precise measuring result. This works even if several workpieces are positioned and successively measured at once. Furthermore, the so-called Shop floor base accommodates the measurement computer in a metal cabinet under the measuring machine. This saves space and also protects it from dust. As a result, the coordinate measuring machine is even better equipped for the production environment with its restricted space and variations in temperature. Standardized user interface The package solution includes the standardized user interface FACS light, so that the measuring machine is also optimally integrated in the software environment. This user and communication interface, which has been standardized for the first time, enables data exchange via twelve fixed-configured inputs and eight outputs. This makes it easier for the user to control measuring plans and para- meters. Besides the CALYPSO measuring software, CALYPSO Flex Reporter is also used to evaluate the results: The software for statistical process control visualizes the measuring results with the aid of clearly arranged graphics, e.g. for standard deviations and average values. The advantage for the user: a quick overview for assessment of their measuring results – and this is provided in the direct vicinity of their machine tool. Ready for pallet measurement Among other things, DuraMax Shop floor supports the measurement of several workpieces at once by means of the ergonomic manual loading table. An extendable aluminium table simplifies and accelerates the preparation of a complete pallet of workpieces for measurement. While the CMM quickly and independently carries out extensive measurements on each workpiece of the pallet, the user has time to prepare the next load for measurement. Production measuring technology is increasingly becoming an integral component of the flexible production process. With DuraMax Shop floor for the production environment, the user is prepared for the future. Published by Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik OBERKOCHEN, 2 September 2011 Story