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Quick alignment of large stylus systems Large stylus systems with a large number of styli have to be aligned before use. The time required for this is drastically reduced with ThermoFit® Pro. Only three angles have to be set up on the stylus system in the photo on the left: The M5 cube with integrated rotary piece and the two double angle pieces with rotary piece. All the other angles are fixed, the extensions are secured by means of the twist-proof ThermoFit® Pro pin connection. We also offer laser welding of rotary joints for rough use in production. As a result, the stylus systems remain stable throughout and cannot be misaligned during exchange of the styli. The FixAssist® alignment device for VAST® stylus systems is a useful tool for adjusting all the angles on stylus systems with a high degree of accuracy. Find out more in our online shop at Simply enter the term FixAssist® in the Search field to obtain the product-specific information. Double angle piece The angle piece blank is made of a high-grade titanium alloy and can accommodate up to two styli in the desired angles We will prepare it for you quickly and precisely. 11 Application examples