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Rotary connecting elements Knuckle joint M5, rotary The knuckle joint can accommodate a stylus or an extension with M5 thread. The knuckle joint has an adjustable angular range of 0°-/+ 90° and is directly inserted in a cone receiver. As a result, any desired spatial angles can be set. Item no. L DG MAT weight (g) 626107-6280-040 19,00 11,00 titanium 11,2 End angle piece M5, rotary The end angle piece can accommodate a stylus with an M5 thread at a 90° angle. It is inserted in a cone receiver and can be adjusted. The special design of the end angle piece provides better accessibility than a standard cube. Item no. DG B L ML MAT weight (g) 626107-6280-010 11,00 5,50 15,50 10,00 titanium 9,6 Rotary piece M5, rotary The rotary piece is inserted in a cone receiver. Any desired M5 components can be mounted on this. Item no. L DG MAT weight (g) 626107-6280-020 5,00 11,00 titanium 2,5 626107-6280-030 15,00 11,00 titanium 6,9 25