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The procurement of replacement styli for measurement rooms and the production department is often a complicated process. The purchasing transaction usually costs more than the stylus itself if individual styli are ordered. We now have a practical solution to this problem: Pre-paid budgets (a credit balance or „pick and mix“ concept). You pay in advance and can then order individual styli from our webshop quickly and easily as needed – and, above all, without starting a new purchasing process. You purchase a specific amount of credit balance from us and pay in advance. This is the only purchase transaction that you actually have to initiate. We then set up this credit balance in our webshop for you. You only need a user account and internet access. When needed, you select the required styli, put them in your shopping cart, and go to the checkout, as for any other web purchase. The special feature is that the pre-paid budget is available to you as a payment option. The value of your shopping cart is deducted from your credit. You do not receive another invoice. You can also have more than one pre-paid budget. This means that you can set up pre-paid budgets for different measurement rooms or departments and allow users to order by themselves. This is a very easy way of budgeting and enables you as a supervisor or buyer to implement comprehensive and transparent consumption control. With pre-paid budgets, you save on purchasing costs simply by reducing the number of order transactions in your purchasing department. But we also offer on our own cost advantages to you: receive a discount off the actual price by using pre-paid budgets and we offer free shipping in Germany for orders released from pre-paid budgets. Find out more about our pre-paid budgets in our webshop: Webshop and pre-paid budgets The perfect combination Make the best of every purchase How pre-paid budgets work Your advantages pre-paid budgets 37