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Rotary angle piece We prepare prefabricated angle blanks made of a high-grade titanium alloy for you quickly and precisely. As an alternative, you can manufacture the angle pieces yourself using our blanks. Each angle piece can be clearly identified via an engraved item number. Rotary star piece M3 XXT You can quickly assemble star styli with star end pieces. It is easy to align them in our zero-play cone receivers. In order to assemble exceptionally small star styli, up to five M3 XXT styli can be inserted in the star piece shown here. Extensions ThermoFit® Pro extensions are provided with two index pins and are fixed to the adapter plate with no risk of twisting. Even if the extensions are repeatedly assembled and disassembled, the angular alignment on the cube the same. Cone receiver Each ThermoFit® Pro extension has a fixed-mounted cone receiver. This enables adjustable end pieces, e.g. angles, stars or cubes, to be accommodated.