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Stylus systems for series measurements Stylus systems must remain stable and aligned at all times in series measurements, in order to guarantee accurate measuring results. Our innovative ThermoFit® Pro system for ZEISS VAST® stylus systems accomplishes this task. In ThermoFit® Pro, extensions are inserted in the cube of the adapter plate, so that they cannot twist, and are then screwed into place. They are equipped with a fixed-mounted rotary piece receiver. You can insert angle or star pieces directly in this rotary receiver and align them precisely. This is easily done and saves time. In addition to this, you save on components, because an extra rotary piece is not required. We have a complete range of different end pieces in stock, so that almost any requirement can be met with our sturdy precision elements. For for production use, we fix the alignment of the rotary pieces for you, e.g. by laser welding. This prevents unwanted detachment during operation or when styli are exchanged. We prepare prefabricated angle and spatial angle blanks made of a high-grade titanium alloy for you quickly and precisely. Or you can manufacture the angle pieces yourself using our blanks. We will be happy to assist you. 5 Application examples