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Multiple holders with spatial angles Have you ever assembled and manually aligned stylus systems with several rotary and knuckle joints? If so, you will appreciate our multiple holders with fixed spatial angle pieces. They eliminate the need for setup work, and the stylus system can still be equipped with new angle pieces if changes are required. If a number of obliquely arranged drilled holes or other features are to be measured with a stylus system, multiple holders with the ThermoFit® Pro interface are extremely practical. The spatial angle pieces and extensions can be quickly and easily attached to the eightfold holder shown on the left in such a way that they cannot twist. We supply our customers with stylus systems just as precisely: they are completely assembled, aligned and provided with a clear article and serial number. You will also receive the stylus documentation for the ZEISS Stylus System Creator in the SSC file format free of charge. You haven‘t heard of the ZEISS Stylus System Creator? You will find all the information about this unique productivity tool in our webshop at You can also read success stories about renowned companies such as General Motors which successfully work with this tool and reduce the time required for the design and manufacture of stylus systems by up to 40%. Adapter plates with extensions We offer completely pre-configured adapter plates with a variety of extensions. You can attach angle pieces and multiple holders which cannot twist. Save time by appropriately combining just a few elements. 9 Application examples