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16 © Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH Handysurf Handysurf E-35B Art-Nr Description 625006-8109-000 Handysurf E-35B Handysurf makes it simple and mobile, whether in the receiving control, the shop floor or in the final inspection. Because this compact handheld measuring unit is coming on the spot for the work- pieces. Measurements can be done flexible in every position. Of course, it disposes all current surface standards and evaluates all common characteristic values. You can see your measured values instantly on the easily legible and high-contrast LCD-Display. A printer is optionally available for the data output. Measuring, evaluating and logging surface rough- ness can’t get much easier, than with the Handy- surf E-35B. Styli for Handysurf Art-Nr L L1 DK DG DS Accretech 625006-3263-000 56,00 12,30 1,50 9,50 E-DT-SM10A 625006-3264-000 56,00 14,50 1,50 9,50 4,50 E-DT-SM11A 625006-3265-000 56,00 14,50 1,50 9,50 2,70 E-DT-SM12A 625006-3266-000 56,00 7,20 1,50 9,50 2,80 E-DT-SM13A These styli are the perfect complement for your Handysurf 35B roughness measurement machine. They are easily exchangeable and expand the field of application of your machine. Accessories 625006-3153-000 stylus extension 50 mm Handysurf 625006-3154-000 stylus extension angle 90° Handysurf 626108-9050-000 articulated arm with magnetic stand Handysurf 000000-1092-434 cable for small type printer Handysurf 000000-1191-183 thermoprinter standard DPU-H245 000000-1092-408 paper holder for printer Handysurf 000000-1191-185 paper, 10 rolls for Thermoprinter 625006-3152-000 AC-adapter Handysurf 230V 000000-1092-410 battery pack BP-3006 000000-1092-440 connection cable to PC RS-232C Portable roughness measuring units