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18 © Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH Accessories Surfcom Flex 50A Surfcom Flex 50A Stand for portable devices Hard stone plate with height adjustable seating for Surfcom 130 or Handysurf (optional). A Surfcom 130 can be quickly and easily mounted to the height adjustable seating or also a Handy- surf with the help of an optional adapter angle. Workpieces or clamping systems can be applied to the plate. The measuring point can be reached smoothly with the accurate and robust z-adjust- ment. The height adjusting range is 300 mm. The dimensions of the granite plate are 400x250x50 mm. (Delivery without measuring machine). Model combination with small genuine type 50mm tracing driver of S130A. Small tracing driver, available skidless measurement and waviness measurement. Achieve class highest straightness accuracy 3µm/50mm Easy levelling adjustment by tilting support function. Portable roughness measuring units Art-Nr Description 626108-8200-001 measuring stand for Surfcom 130A, Handysurf 626108-8100-002 adapter Handysurf for compact measuring stand Art-Nr Description 625006-9066-000 Surfcom Flex 50A 625006-9067-000 Surfcom Flex 35B with standrad tracing driver of Handysurf Accessories 625006-9072-000 Standard-Pickup D=12.3 mm (2µm tip) only for Handysurf 35B 625006-8204-000 Pickup D=4,5 mm E-DT-SM40A (geometry like E-DT-SM11A) for Handysurf HS35/40 625006-8205-000 Pickup D=2,7 mm E-DT-SM41A (geometry like E-DT-SM12A) for Handysurf HS35/40 625006-8206-000 Pickup for groove measurement 7,2 mm E-DT-SM42A (geometry like E-DT-SM13A) for Handysurf HS35/40