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Surfcom_english 19 Keep your workpieces safe and stable during the measuring run with our clamping systems. Positioning systems, precision positioning systems and clamping systems are very important to positi- on your workpieces for the measurement. All com- ponents have to be compatible to allow a quick and simple installation of the clamping to measure the workpiece. Positioning systems are rotary and sliding units, used to pre-position large and heavy workpieces on the granite table of the measuring machine. Index bolts are mostly used to arrest coarse posi- tioning. Some of the systems already have an inte- grated fine adjustment. This adjustment helps to position the measuring point directly beneath the stylus. Useful for Surfcom Machine parts An additional precision positioning system is required if a fine adjustment was not installed. Precision positioning systems are rotary and sliding units with micrometer screws and they enable the sensitive positioning of the workpiece. XY-tables, rotary and swivel units, or rotary and sliding units can be created by stacking precision positioning systems. A clamping system will then lock the workpiece by using bench vises and three jaw chucks in different dimensions. Additional accessories and care materials, to improve the quality of your measurement, can be found at the end of the chapter.