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20 © Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH Positioning systems XY-sliding table Art-Nr Description 626108-8210-010 Surfcom positioning table 1200x800 mm 626108-8210-020 Surfcom positioning table 1200x800 mm 1500x1000 mm Positioning table Art-Nr Description 626108-9050-010 Y-positioning table 200 mm with turntable Positioning table for rotating and sliding of heavy workpieces. The table is mounted to the granite plate of the Surfcom. The coarse adjusting with linear guiding in Y-direction of 200 mm adjustable range is lockable in every position. The fine adjusting of the Y-direction is being made by a micrometer screw with an adjustable range of ±10 mm. The rotary unit is lockable in every position. A micrometer screw additionally enables a fine adjusting. Dimensions about 330 x 320 x 100 mm, base plate rotary unit Ø 260 mm with threaded hole M8 in the grid 25 mm and fastening screw thread M5 for Surfcom standard accessories, carrying capacity 100 kg. Manual sliding table for Surfcom 1500, 1700, 1900, 2000, 2700, 2900. A Surfcom can be installed on the sliding table. The Surfcom can be moved freely in the XY plane to easily and quickly reach measuring positions on large workpieces. The sliding mechanism with line- ar guiding is lockable in every position on the hard stone table. The table is placed on a base frame with vibration isolation system. Two T groove rails with a nominal dimension of 14 are mounted on the plate and enable the mounting of devices. The table will be delivered completely assembled and with CE-Conformity, user manual and risk ana- lysis. The delivery doesn’t include a Surfcom. Treat your equity with care. We offer fast and uncomplicated leasing for these machines. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Machine parts