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Surfcom_english 21 Precision positioning systems Swivel unit Art-Nr Description 626108-9081-000 goniometer tilting table 60x60 mm Rotary unit Art-Nr Description 626108-9080-000 sliding movement type rotation stage 110 mm Sliding unit Art-Nr Description 626108-9070-000 axial adjustment unit with precision adjustable screw The goniometer tilting table with angle setting range of +/- 20° allows small workpieces to be tilted out of the horizontal level. Dimensions 60 x 60 x 20 mm. The swivel unit can be mounted to the other precision positioning systems. The rotary unit with rugged sliding guide enables the precise rotating of the workpiece around an axis. It has a coarse adjustment and a fine adjustment screw with scale division 1° and vernier scale 0.1°. Dimensions: diameter 110 mm, height 25 mm. The rotary unit can be mounted to the sliding unit. Addi- tional clamping devices can also be mounted to the rotary unit (adapter plate required). Made of sturdy stainless steel, the axial sliding unit has a carrying capacity of 100 kg. A fine adjustment screw enables an adjustment range of +/- 6 mm. Two sliding units can be combined to a cross table. Rotary unit, swivelling unit or specific clamping devi- ces from the Surfcom accessories can be mounted to the sliding unit. Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm. Machine parts Adapter plate Art-Nr Description 626108-9090-000 adapter plate Surfcom CNC dia. 120 mm Adapter plate dia. 120 mm for mounting on Surf- com CNC units with center dia. 16. Incl. screws M4 and M5.