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Surfcom_english 23 Three jaw chuck Art-Nr Description 626108-9031-050 three jaw chuck turret 50 mm with adapter plate 626108-9031-080 three jaw chuck turret 80 mm with adapter plate 626108-9031-100 three jaw chuck turret 100 mm with adapter plate 626108-9031-125 three jaw chuck turret 125 mm with adapter plate Vee blocks Art-Nr Description 626108-9110-000 Vee block 100x47 mm for shafts 5-55 mm 626108-9110-010 Vee block 250x65 mm for shafts 5-100 mm Build customized positioning tables Our positioning and clamping systems are additionally combinable with each other. Three jaw chucks, made of steel, are fastened to an adapter plate and can be mounted to the Surfcom positioning systems and fine adjustment systems as well as directly to the granite table of the Surfcom. Fastening material as well as a jaw set for each, inside and outside, is provided. Precision vee blocks made of hardened steel are honed and have a 90° prism. Vee blocks are suited for cylindrical parts. Machine parts