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24 © Carl Zeiss 3D Automation GmbH Interchangeable pallet system 300x200 Interface pallet set Art-Nr Description 626109-9220-130 interface set bench vice 626109-9220-140 interface set jaw chuck Accessories 626109-9220-040 jaw chuck interface 626109-9220-030 bench vice interface 626109-9220-020 raster interface M6 626109-9220-010 support plate This handy interface set contains everything you need as initial equipment: - 1 x Support plate - 1 x Raster interface 300x200 And either 1 x bench vice intreface (73 mm) or 1 x three chuck interface (125 mm) Support plate Art-Nr Description 626109-9220-010 support plate This support plate can be installed directly within the measureing range of your CMM. On the statically defined 3-roll-support you can fast and easily attach the appropriate interface. In case you need to measure many different work pieces or have a variety of measurement tasks to complete, it is a major advantage if you are able to exchange your fixtures fast and easily. Our interface pallets are an efficient and timesaving solution. No more loss of precious time, because you won`t have to adjust the fixtures to the workpieces. Machine parts