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Surfcom_english 27 Reference blocks Art-Nr Description 600332-9230-000 Contour-Check with case 600332-9230-100 DKD-calibration Contour-Check Contour-Check can be used to test contour measu- ring machines in accordance with VDI/VDE directi- ve 2629, sheet 1. The use of the contour standard allows the user to regularly verify compliance with the specifications of the contour measuring machine. The carrier of the standard consists of hard metal, on which calibrated, high-precision dimensional standards and form elements are mounted. - 185 mm total length with 9 form elements - 2 x 90° angle, convex - 2 x 90° angle, concave - 3 x radius, convex - 2 x radius, concave Contour-Check is delivered with a fixture that per- mits measurement of the standard at 0° and 20° inclinations in accordance with the VDI directive. Roughness standard Art-Nr Description 000000-1098-899 roughness calibration, E-MC-S24B The roughness standard is used for calibration and inspection of the roughness measuring machine. It features two different surfaces with known rough- ness values. The values are denoted on the stan- dard. For use with Handysurf, Surfcom 130,1500, 1900,2000 and 5000. Artefacts As an operator of measuring machines, you must be sure that your measuring equipment meets the required specifications at all times. This is absolute- ly vital for the consistently high quality of the parts you manufacture. Accuracy monitoring at regular intervals provides the foundation for accurate, reliable measuring results. For this purpose, we offer artifacts for a wide variety of applications. Machine parts